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1 minute read - Published on: 2023/01/10

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This is the first OFFICIAL blog post! If you are reading this the day it is published... it means you are a maniac and probably stalk me!

This is a bit of a post to look back at, and I suppose to document the process of even MAKING this damn blog! Moreso for the people in the future looking back a billion blogposts and reading this, and see where this blog started! (or digging through my github to see an abandoned project, doh!)

ANYWAYS, we want to make lil bloggy stuff, twitter is annoying and i think we like to keep to ourselves a lot of the time. We don't like comments so don't expect some mf forum or someshit around here.

This is also a general revamp of the funkin website, since we are trying to be more legit and real and PRESENTABLE!!!

Lil tech details... this blog is made with ZOLA STATIC SITE GENERATOR!!!

I have been trying to chip away on this blog every day for at least 20mins-1hr, and it has been fun lil side adventure heheh.

captains log donezo

lov, cameron 💞💞💞