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Kickstarter Support

You can email with any inquires relating to backer support such as:

  • shipping information assistance
  • help with our backer portal (
    • logging in
    • changing your information
    • help getting a new order after a lost-in-transit package

Within your email, include helpful information such as:

  • The email you used for Kickstarter
  • Your backer number
  • Your name you put as your "name in credits"

We will try to get back to you with assistance via the email!

As of writing, it's just one of the devs here helping with emails, so replies might take a couple days to get to.
Very soon we will have a dedicated email support person, hopefully aiming to have quicker response times, thank you for your patience!

Backer Portal

We have a site dedicated for our Kickstarter backers at where backers edit and modify their information such as:

  • credits name changes
  • address changes
  • general changing survey information
  • email address / backer portal account information changes

Again, if you need any assistance with any of that, do reach out at to our support email