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Github actions/issues blog posting pt. 2

1 minute read - Published on: 2023/01/18

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Wahoo, another lil blog test thing!

Today I've been getting back and sorta workin on workflow-ish stuff. Getting quirks figured out, and as of right now... you SHOULD be able to write blog posts and they should be automatically uploaded to the website!!! Building and everything!!

Right now, the workflow is

The next few little concepts I got in my brain is instead of having the blogs be posted whenever anyone pleases, once closed, it gets put into a queue of sorts. Then at the end of the week, all the blogs of the week will be posted in a bit of a mega weekly post! I feel like that's a bit more fun than instant posting, heheh. It's like taking a film photo, and waiting for it to develop!

More things I want to figure out is getting like... the AUTHOR stuff sorted out as well!!! And then attatching it all to a discord bot!!