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WEEK OF 2023/02/27: It's Friday Somewhere Edition

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HELLO EVERYONE welcome back to the WEEKLY FRIDAY NIGHT FREAKING blog web channel.... i hope everyone's friday is going well heheh

this week is a bit light on person by person blogs! But I'll try my best to round up what everyone's been up to this week!

music mischief

by ninjamuffin99

one of the tasks that producer kawa has been takin care of has been helping with organization of the CONTRACT musicians we have. We r gonna have a lotta dang music... and sorting it out requires workin with a small handful of lil additional musicians to help out with remixes, vocals, etc. the processes are slowly smoothing themselves out, with kawa, and our other lil helpers for management on that side of things!!! getting contracts, payments, and sorta an "approval" process for ourselves is all going pretty good it seems!!!

kickstarter backend shenanigans

by ninjamuffin99

our contractor SHINGI has been in the process of working with some of our nice lil fulfillment homies (Needlejuice for physical OST, Coby Win for Posters/Pins, and soon Sharkrobot) to flesh out more of the backend work needed for THEM to start poking around and using the backend. Things like figuring out API keys so that eventually USERS would be able to log into OUR backend to see things like shipment progress and all that!!! And then along with that, working and sorting out things like proper formatting, so it could essentially work the other way around, on our fulfillment homies backends, THEY can get all the info they need as well. I believe once it's alllll fleshed out for the FULFILLMENT side of things, we should be able to start work on the USER side of things, and even slowly start tossing tests to people to try out and whatnot!!! It's coming along very nicely!!! Lov dat shingi!!!!!


by ninjamuffin99

quick lil one, posters and pins are still in the manufacturing process!!!


A shipment of POSTERS should arrive sometime this week, Monday at the EARLIEST, and then they would be ready to pack up and start shipping to backers who have posters as a reward or addon!!!

Pins + Posters

People who have posters AND a pin would have to wait until pin manufacturing is done however, which will be in mid-March for the first batch, then they'll go through QC, and then shipped to America to be distributed to all the backers!!!


Forgot to make an update about shirts one of the previous blog posts when I talked about Kickstarter, but those people should get their "surveys" essentially once we have our Kickstarter backend all sorted out for ourselves, so that backers can change or modify their reward info! So within about a month or two at the LATEST before that aspect is ready! And then the manufacturing turnaround is a few weeks I believe. Then it'd be the distribution and all daaaaaaat showbiz

blogs i like and are inspirations for funkblog

by ninjamuffin99

despite everyone shouting at us for BETTER COMMUNICATION and whatnot, I will be a punk and say the inspiration behind the blog is.... NOT that LOL!!!

I lov video games and readin about stuff, i love the people who work on games to talk about how their brain works, and what they work on, what they like, what their IDEAS are, all that shit

and I like writing about stuff. the funkin kickstarter page updates have pretty damn extensive updates about merch and where things are at, but it being on kickstarter is a bit restricting. most people didnt even read it, and then would shout at us for not updating them on progress!!!

anyways my baby bitch ranting aside, imma just share a few nice blogs that I love that I will always read away at

Factorio Friday Facts

I fukin love Factorio. I am a programmer it is in my blood to be a factorio freak. Through the development of Factorio, they've written weekly blogposts that would come out on FRIDAY (remind u of anyone teehee), and different members of the development team would write various things about their early access game, FACTORIO. Anything from programming anecdotes, to art style thoughts, or even how their merch was going! At the end of each post, they highlight a community post of the week! I think that's cute

one of my favorite posts:

Dolphin Emulator Blog

Dolphin emulator is one of da best pieces of software ever made.... and I love reading and hearing about the development of it, even if I understand only 5% of how all the crazy graphics programming and debugging works!!! I think anyone who writes technical blogs should be keeping an eye on it, as well as anyone who just has a general interest in how software works!


From the studio that brought you RUST (the game, not the lang!) and GARRY'S MOD, Facepunch studios also has a nice little devlog that I like to poke through and keep an eye on, especially since I'm very much anticipating S&box!!! It's another devlog that has the concept of having multiple different authors aggregated into one monthly-ish post, so it's a bit of an inspiration of the FUNK BLOG too. Some of the blogs just have someone writing a quick little twitter post-esque sentence about what they've been up to, and I think that is very much inspiration with FunkBLOG

Joel On Software

ex-Microsoft programmer, co-founder of Stack Overflow, Joel Spolsky has a pretty damn essential series of blogs from 2000 up until today. If you are a software developer of some kind, take a poke through his posts. On the homepage he has a list of his Top 10 posts, and other various recommendations from himself, I would recommend starting there!!

Discord Engineering Blog

Discord's ENGINEERING and DESIGN blog! You probably have Discord open right now. You probably have some unread notifications on your phone. You are probably in servers that you don't check. How does all that stuff damn work? With PROGRAMMING! That shit is magic.... There's something very fascinating to learn the in's and out's of what is at this point, ESSENTIAL EVERY DAY SOFTWARE. It's like learning how cotton is spun. It makes you think "wait... there's a LOT of effort that goes into this shit". Say what you want about Discord and how it functions, I think it functions pretty damn good!

Their blog has a good handful of posts about Go, Elixir, and Rust programming languages, those are especially the ones I like to read about heheh. I have always been a Haxe mfer, but as the years go by I find myself more and more curious with the OTHER SIDE of programming / software development.

Phantom Says: Life When Up is Down and Left is Right

by phantomarcade


Hello goons, what's cookin.

For this week, the largest uphill battle has been busted sleep and fighting off the agony of a small writer's block. Writing for game story? Nope! That's never tough. Writing for gameplay? Nope, that one's never hard to cook either, only hard to implement!

In particular, this week for me was mostly trying to cook up a special new interface design, that honestly I only just really cracked before writing this post. It's not huge, but there's something extra punishing about taking something small and mundane, and then figuring out how to spice it up to make it.... well, not lame! Funkin borrows a lot of things scene in other games, but I take pride in that I feel like Funkin offers small twists on things just enough to spice it all up. Even if we do take cues from pre-existing media, it's always important to add a small twist you think will elevate something above what you're inspired by. Or even if you can't elevate it, taking it in a slightly different direction.

Don't edge yourself too hard, it's really nothing that crazy, but the small details are important to me all the same. I won't lie that on top of some small management, company biz, a busted sleep schedule, etc, it's not been the most exciting week.

To elaborate on a post from our very own gorgeous Cameron Ninjamuffin, it's been nice having the larger team come together. The pieces are all getting pretty multi-layered, so making sure things don't fall through the cracks has been pretty stressful until recently with more people forming a net. And there's no facet more evident then how the music's coming together. A while while back, I asked Isaac if he'd be able to get started on Erect Mixes while we work on building up the pipelines and company, since Funkin is being made chapter by chapter with only portions in advance, this was the best move to make sure everyone was still on the go. And here we are all this time later, with a NICE selection of music from not just Isaac, but an entire team he gathered to help make it happen.

Now naturally, this would have been a hellscape to navigate without more team members to help organize this all and make sure in terms of legalities and payments it all went smooth. It's all a bit much for a guy who used to just make funny Newgrounds parodies to take in sometimes, but I'm almost surprised how naturally myself and Cam have fallen into the roll. It's sorta draining to be away from drawing when other responsibilities demand my attention, but seeing this larger unit come together to make something so much larger than a 2 minute cartoon... it kinda does feel like an evolution of making the NG collabs with Ivan n Cory... like the next step in scope.

It may not always be moving at lightning speed, but the skills me and Cam are learning definitely are fascinating and I really think will change the trajectory of how we work for the rest of our lives. Provided neither of us kill ourselves, I'm sure the future will hold many exciting possibilities! ❤️

Summary of last week's funkin-resources additions!

by github-actions[bot]

closing thots fo tha week

by ninjamuffin99

cute lil blog posts and decent lil workflow.... i take breaks on weekends, but as monday rolls around I always look forward to seeing the new progress and changes to workflow we make that turn gamework from a chore into a pleasant job where it gets easier and easier to see progress!!!!


** SONG OF THA WEEK ** (I need to fix this busted ass embed to fill out the page better... lol)