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As I am writing this late post on monday night west coast NA time.... me and dave are waiting for our flight back to canada!!! it was rainy for the for the first few days of GDC, with a pretty nasty storm on the way home, but afterwards it was the california i damn expected to see, nice sunny days wahoo!!! I live in a basement apartment in toronto, so i get very little sunlight unless I'm heading out to work out of the local Toronto Public LIbraries... it can be rough out here!!! Gotta eat up my vitamin Ds like candy when I'm in canada!!! The sun is nice and is very rejuvenating... anyways here is the post!!!

Of Backend codes, balancing loads and creative modes

by Shingi✨

Hi hi everyone! It's ya anxiety riddled gremlin Shingi, barely surviving to write this update.

This past week or so has been like challenging one Superboss after another for me personally, although I did manage to wrangle it towards the end and actually did a couple of productive things towards the Backend!

The Big One: Status of shipping on the Music tiers should be more or less up and running by the time you might be reading this, so you'll get to spend less time bothering all of us and NeedleJuice records on where your stuff's at! Other tiers are still in the pipeline pending more collaboration with the funky suppliers we're working with, but those should be on the system sooner rather than later.

Other stuffs: the Backer portal will pretty much move from Dev to Testing on the first week of April, and once I manage to polish the system off a lil bit more and make it public we'll be going live! Hopefully it won't be like the launch of every MMO ever! So if you see an email from Funkin Kickstarter in the near future, that's probably your invite to access da Portal.

March and April sure seem like they're going to be a busy period for the whole team, whew! Hopefully you'll enjoy what we're cooking.

This week has tuckered me out so no crazy rants from me (even though I want to), but I'll totally say this one thing I probs will expand on in the future: Make stuff and publish it! Even if you think you're young or nobody will like your stuff it's even more important!!! Like I know Ninjamuffin and PhantomArcade shill Newgrounds a lot but it's totally for a reason! Whether Mods, music, art, writing, YouTube videos or even posting kawaii edits of you spinning a pen - that's shit's powerful and you never know when or how it will open doors for you.

Okay, rant over. I need to sleep and regain enough energy to freak out and stress all day. Peace out!

gdc lil recap stuff

by ninja_muffin

this week me and dave and kawa went to game developers conference and it was pretty fun wahoo!

the rundown was we have some new biz people we r gonna be workin with, so figured itd be nice to see em in person! as well as seeing kawa in person and some of the other people we work with!! i find it very enriching to meet people and talk to them in real life. as time goes on i feel im becoming less of a dweeb that can barely talk to someone who can at least hold a conversation…. big moves!!!

my official gdc rankings kawa: shorter in person than I though our lawyer man: longer hair than I thought and also taller than I thought da biz people we are working with: very blessed and very nice.... cute lil story, in jest I said "we are scared of people" and very genuinely and concerned one of them asked me what made me so scared, like a damn mother would. God bless their souls, very much looking forward to working with them :3 distance from san jose to san fran: longer than I thought. we was drivin 1+hr there and back every damn day... puffballs united: met that mf and he got the jokes!!! he's going places!!!

overall recap is that GDC was success, part work, and part refreshing break a bit. the vitamin D will very much help as me and dave go back to my canadian dungeon and work away on the game for the next few weeks, before he goes back to philly!!!

the other extras of the week

by ninja_muffin

when the blog is late from friday, instead of working on it through the weekend, I try to wait til monday when we have our weekly meetings, so that I can try to catch up on other peoples happenins!!! I will post a few of em here!!!

Secret contractor

One of our contractors that are working on part of the game is pretty much done their work, and has a few days left of their contract!!! Can't say what exactly they worked on, but my hint is that it's one of the KS stretch goals!!!

correction: what they worked on was a very core game feature... but NOT a stretch goal per se... i was mistaken and thought it was something on that initial stretch goals list!! once it's revealed maybe you all will understand how I got myself confused heheh

What they've done has been mostly prototyping phase and whatnot, but we more or less have working proof of concept for ourselves, and they did pretty damn good work!!! They have been very pleasant to work with, and I will definitely find more contract work with em for Funkin stuff... bwahahaha!!!

Eric stuff

Maybe Eric can elaborate a bit more on bug fixings and whatnot he did... but that's mostly what he's been up to in the past week!!! Things like the story mode menu and generally playing through story mode has been busted up, so I think he's been cleanin up that fuss!!! It's lookin good heheh!!!

youtube testing thingie

by ninja_muffin

this is merely a funny test to see if the youtube embed stuff works nicely... lol!

here is stickerbush symphony!

this is a nice lil feature that makes it easier to link youtube videos... it automatically gets the youtube link via regex and then converts it to the proper shortcode type shit all ez ez, just a blog update!!!

should make it easier / more pleasant to write / update blogs and stuff!!!

closin thoughts fo tha week

by ninja_muffin

closing thoughts for the week is that blog stuff been a bit back in my mind for funzies, each week that goes by where I miss our little arbitrary "friday deadline" makes my bones ache and quake!!! so it's feeling more and more pleasant to get all the stuff figured out where it's easier to make these blogs now!!!