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week 2023/04/14 shoutouts da greenhouse edition

4 minute read - Published on: 2023/04/16

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earlier today i participated in a local smash melee tourney for the first time ever and i didnt win any damn matches!! but it was an awesome time!! shoutouts da greenhouse in toronto!

more payday stuff and also taxes

by ninja_muffin

this week also got payroll sorted for 3 of our EMPLOYEES!! wahoo!!

and also everyone do ur taxes!!! we are doing ours!!

polish and playin

by ninja_muffin

hello everyone im doing my homework roght before class starts once again

this week was gettin things sorted out with dave again, i polished and FINISHED the puece of work i was on last week, i will call that a W and now i am onto fixins and shit!! work goin good and today i woke up at damn 6am, real hustlin hours

Sleep deprived on a Friday Night (Portal Stuff though, Yeay!)

by Shingi‚ú®

It's already Friday? Again??? Sometimes i feel like time was designed just so that people can constantly be in a state of freaking out when it comes to deadlines.

On that note, this week is probably what i would call the calm before the storm: where everyone has been in their own little bubble working away on this and that in preparation for the final stretch. Although my own week productivity wise actually started late due to holidays and let's just say an incident with some "exotic food" that ended with me fighting for my life in the bathroom...don't worry, i'm still going to eat whatever weird dishes i see lol

That said, catching up on work using the remainder of the week i had on some Auth stuff i've been cooking and the general fixes and bugs for the system has left me sleep deprived AF. I'm actually not sure whether i'm actually typing this or dreaming that i'm working so let me cut this post short (with info and probably the actual soft launch details of the Portal next week?)

But before i go, enjoy some screenshots of the Portal. And for the Backer i picked to show off what the Info and Rewards looks like, you're a madlad for having 9 different FULL COMBO MEAL add-ons! Salute on that one!




Senpai in the featureless black void, what will he say

by Eric

Senpai when he sees you (a homosexual)

The last week of March was really productive, but I don't know how to feel about this week. I've been trying to bring Week 6 up to snuff, which means reworking the dialogue system, and getting it to a place where I'm happy has been a slog. I was having various issues getting the cutscenes to display the way I wanted, and I ended up rewriting a big chunk of it. I simultaneously feel like I got a lot done and not a lot done at the same time. I know the work to make this code nice will make things easier to maintain in the long run, and that the modders will be happy to have this in place, but I just want to get it done so I can go back to fixing other stuff.

A new version of Haxe came out with a bunch of new features in it, and that's really fun. I really like safe navigation and null coalescing, it will make the code for handling json SO much cleaner. Shameless plug, if you are a programmer, check out my personal blog post about it.

contractor rush

by ninja_muffin

some of da contractors been finishing they programmin work.... so i been on and off trying to get their stuff sorted out!!!! nothin too glamourous just showbiz baby!!! im scared of paperwork!!!


closing thoghts for the week

by ninja_muffin

closing thoughts hermmmm.... lil bit of light week, dave was planning on heading back to philly but he is still in canada!!!! that mfer!!! but people like kawa have been on the grind this week as always. it is very relieving to be able to take a breather but still have things moving forward on the game!!