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HELLO EVERYONE, over the weekend... was Pico Day on Newgrounds!!! I hope everyone had fun lil weekend, there's a lotta damn awesome contributions... so go check em out NOW.

Upcoming trip stuff

by ninja_muffin

Dave had a good time in Toronto, and we got a lotta damn good work done I feel and got good MOMENTUM for ourselves going. Now it's back to my turn to travel over to Philly so I can work outta the Newgrounds office with all those fellas and hopefully... go even FASTER!!! That's all on that front though heheh. Need to book tickets and all that, and also want to try and help Kawaisprite get to philly too... his ass needs outta Arizona NOW

math stuff

by ninja_muffin

past week+ I been doing a lotta damn math.... soon you all will see the fruits of labour.... it's work that I've wanted to do since late 2021, and finally I'm getting it cooked up and it's coming along nicely.... I'm still unsure if any mod has implemented a similar feature, but once the update is out, 100% its like... every mod WILL implement what I've been working on heheh

thats all for now

new day for weekly blog posts... MONDAY!!!

by ninja_muffin

I feel like each time I neglect weekly blog posts on the Friday, it eventually always slips into the Monday, since that's both when we have our weekly crew meetings where we all update each other on our work, and since it's after the weekend, which most of the time I spend with my gf!


I think the NEW official day of week for weekly blog posts... IS MONDAY!!! I think it's easier for me to get cookin on it, and easier for me to stay consistent with it, although we will see how that goes hehe. Already we have a lotta damn work in the week!!! Buuuut I try to look at it as an exercise in discipline in a way, to try and slowly get more and more consistent with it and how it goes, as well as nicely keeping track for ourselves at what we get up to!

Funkin on a Monday night

by Shingi‚ú®

Uhh, happy belated Pico Day everyone?

Soo, it's been a busy week as you can expect from these blog posts happening super late haha. My week was personally spent mostly working with the new person on the team on getting the Deployment for the Kickstarter portal up (finally!) It's been a long time coming and finally seeing it up has been a pretty cool sight (as i before the DevOps person prepares to kick my ass for my scuffed deployment scripts lol)

One thing that i've been thinking a lot about though is ARGs and interactive content outside of the medium it's in, and Friday Night Funkin'. I remember enjoying the Deltarune Sweepstakes a lot and how much fun the community had with that and I even remember mentioning wanting to do something similar for the Kickstarter Portal (with a couple of Funkin' Crew approved teasers of course) Something i've noticed though is that the community is already active and interacting outside the game in their own way through things like the (super active) Modding scene, the Roblox stuff (lol at that one roblox game though) and stuff like that. I'm still considering doing it later on, but i dunno. I did try making a slightly cryptic tweet to gauge interest on whether mysteries and stuff like that would be something people are interested in but the reception was mild at best so i guess we'll see?

Anyways see y'all later!

thumbs up in progress

by ninja_muffin

for one of our upcoming levels (something that ISN'T coming out next update btw lol!) we laid out some groundwork. For this we are working with outside musicians of some sort.... top secret..... they are people we really damn love and respect, and we tossed them what we have so far, and they really loved it :3 essentially getting thumbs up from them that we are on the right track with it! There's a tale for another day with this level / music, that will likely be told by someone another day... but for now.... that awesome ass level is slowly moving along, on the backburner as we work on current update things!

funkin for the people

by Kawa

Something we've been thinking a lot about lately is like...what does it mean for Funkin to keep its underground, for-the-people vibes, but not let people with Bad Intent try to rip people off using the assets we've made? What things are open for people to riff on, what things are cool with fanworks-but-not-serious-profits? How do we spread the wealth amongst our collaborators while also having enough in the war chest to make all the ambitious things we wanna do?

Lots of stuff here i can't talk about in detail, but i wanna shout out the rest of the crew for being hella thoughtful about this stuff - it's hard, and it's always awkward as hell to talk money. but we're all aligned on wanting to see the cool shit y'all make while not letting gross people microtransact your fandom to death!

fanart of da week - BenzBT

by ninja_muffin

this week gon show off awesome little artwork from da iconic BenzBT!

they are required viewing for not just FNF fans, but art work appreciators in general!!! This one is awesome as fuk and cute af baby gf artwork.... we all lov benzbt in dis house... this is awesom....

follow them on Newgrounds image

if you want your art featured, post it on Newgrounds with the tags fnf or friday-night-funkin, and we will hunt em down!

closing blog thots fo week

by ninja_muffin

closing thoughts for the blog... I feel like I'm always apologizing for a late blog! I'm partially hard on myself with blogs, and other people can be too. For the most part, it really is trying to squeeze in extra work into an already overloaded brain for ALL of us. There was a time when we didn't even do blogs at all!!! I like to hope that no one holds it against us when we slip on blogs here and there. We are programmers, animators, and musicians... not writers!!! If it makes you all feel better about blog slippin or being lackluster... just know that on the weeks when we seem to skimp on blog posts... it means we either have had a super productive week, or very lazy slow week... and this week... was very productive!! bwah!!!! I'm rambling now!!!