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I couldn't figure out what to title this blog post. I got a tiny lil infection or somethin on my insides and the doctors gave me antibiotics, so that's why this one is called pills edition. (nothing dire btw thanks for asking)

blog is day late... but it's nicer than when the blogs were on Friday when they would slip friday, and be released on monday, a whole 3 days later!!! Now they are just a day late when I slip on them teehee

philly upcoming

by ninja_muffin

cant remember if i mentioned it or not, but next week I will be pullin up to philly to meet with dave and work with him out of the newgrounds office for two weeks or so. we r trying to shout at isaac kawaisprite to come thru also... lol!!!

more math....

by ninja_muffin

im at the point with this lil feature where da math is juuuuuuuuuuuust slightly over my head... but juuuuuuuust slightly within my reach.... it's all a matter of banging my head against the wall with it, and then the feature will be COOKED. Along with that, I do want this feature to be NICELY INTEGRATED into the game's code and all that, so that modders and whoever can easily look at it, and understand how to use it and customize it however pleased, since WE will definitely want the same thing for base game itself! We want to be able to customize and use this feature!

Kickstarter backend + t-shirt stuff

by ninja_muffin

the little kickstarter backend cooked up by Shingi seems to be making pretty damn good progress!!! I believe we aimed to be done before the end of May, and I think it's looking to be the case! I think what we are going to do is slowly roll things out to people, specifically t-shirt backers!!! Then slowly roll it out to all the other backers!!! So finally T shirt surveys will go out!!! Wahoo!!! Apologies for long ass delay... but it does finally feel like we are getting all of our shit together. Again, this also accomodates for things like NAME CHANGES!!! SO for anyone asking about that, it will come in this nice fancy system!!!

Kickstarter simply does NOT accommodate for things like this, and there WILL be future indie game developers who run into the same exact issues as we do, but will be left with either dealing with it themselves, or going to something like backerkit. According to backerkit pricing (, a campaign like ours which raised a little over $2,000,000 with 58,000+ backers, their fee is $27,850! So we would much prefer to use that money we saved by NOT going with them, and creating a system that hopefully any Kickstarter campaign in the future can use, absolutely free of charge. That is the IDEA at least. BackerKit is all nice with their wording, but we will flat out say it. Kickstarter's system is pretty shit, and straight up needs fixing. Things like BackerKit should not need to exist! They should be built right into damn Kickstarter!! But oh well. I will continue to trigger their DDOS protection every time I want to export the backer list. Rant over...

the kawa situation....

by ninja_muffin

the title is purposefully more ominous than it actually is lmao

just wanted to clear up something i see ON-LINE!!

KAWA is our PRODUCER / PROJECT MANAGER for The Funkin' Crew!!! They help us with a billion things administrative related, and REALLY help oil the whole machine and keep it going NICER THAN EVER BEFORE!

KAWAISPRITE is Isaac Garcia, the musician for Friday Night Funkin' !!! He is awesome and makes the best music you have ever heard!

They are NOT the same people!!!! I see on twitter some people get confused a bit about it when Kawa writes a small little blog post or something like that! Just wanted to clear air a bit lol

fanart of da week - BePixel

by ninja_muffin

da fanart this week is by BePixel

they been around da block wit FNF related things... but I knew of em way back when they just joined Newgrounds in mid 2021!!! It's very cool to see them improve how they have!!!

this art is 'senpai blasted' and it's pretty damn awesome and stylish piece. I am a sucker for well done glitch effects like that too. Nothing overdone... damn class act that BePixel....

follow them on Newgrounds image

if you want your art featured, post it on Newgrounds with the tags fnf or friday-night-funkin, and we will hunt em down!

closing thots

by ninja_muffin

closing thots for the week is that it has been a week where mostly everyone has been pretty heads down and working, nothing too crazy or scandalous but that's okay. There will never be a creative project where every single week there's something awesome and crazy epiphany that happens each week. Everyone is doing their work nicely and making good progress teehee

to end it off, i will recommend the movie BLACKBERRY! Matt Johnson is one of my fav people ever and he makes all my fav things ever.... specifically Nirvanna The Band... It's extremely well done, and I really hope it makes it's money back and all that and is very nice success for them! I saw it on Saturday, and Matt did a QNA afterward in the theater I saw it at here in Toronto! The actual company Blackberry / Research In Motion was created in Waterloo, which is basically the same city as Kitchener, which is where I lived for the early days of FNF development! As Canadian... it's always nice to get some rep lol...