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hello everyone... apologies for missing blog from last week!!! Last monday I was spending a lot of the day travelling, I'm in Philly at the Newgrounds office with PhantomArcade! Trading back the work trip together after he came to Canada. As of writing, I have another week left here, but I will hop back over soon, since I have some personal things to take care of back home!!! But then I also want to aim to be back in philly in a few weeks!!

anyways.. here is bloggs

in philly

by ninja_muffin

(written may 23 2023) hello everyone... this weeks blog post is intentionally delayed!!! On Monday I had a flight and travels from Toronto to Philly to work physically with PhantomArcade!

We even delayed our weekly Monday meetings into today, Tuesday! So today we got all updated on each others work, so that's why we waited til today to post blogs!!!

Anyways enough cope. Trip went alright and we are generally hitting the ground running. I went through a bunch of mail that Dave has had lying around addressed to the company that he didn't want to open... bwah!!! Payroll mischief!!! Healthcare bullshit! Taxes! Dental!! Just a buncho dipshit paperwork like that, but we got a cute little scanner and archived em, so that we can use the Newgrounds office industrial paper shredder and watched it eat a lot of paper. Anyways, looking forward to the next few weeks of work for us, me and Dave's work towards the end of his Canada trip, really hoping to pick up some of that momentum and get cookin pretty much immediately! Unfortunately the AC at the Newgrounds office is busted... and it's been gettin sweaty here... but work shall continue....

Phantom Says: Tame the Wilderness

by Phantom Arcade



Nah im just kiddin, no concerts here. Not yet anyway. Just another friday night blog post. Been a minute since my last one, but I'm not too into giving updates often since I want to avoid talking too much about the art that should be speaking for itself. However, the blog is here so we can reach the die enthusiasts of the project in these dark, update-less times, and shine a bit of hope in the long wait. So, let's dig into what we can.

In general, it feels like the wind finally fills our wings. The pace of late has been brisk, and consistent. That's not to say there aren't shortcomings we'd still like to fix, but I think I just look around lately and I see that there's an entire ecosystem that's just running, and I like it. I see that every bit of planning, every bit of direction, and generally every bit of non-art work I did to get things where they are has paid off. Funkin is a team effort brought to life, and MANAGED by a swath of people. And really as a director, I may know what I want in a creation, or a scene, or a vibe or atmosphere or gameplay... but I think it's really shone through lately how Newgrounders arm n arm keep each other afloat.

When I told Cam long ago I felt like things could be more orderly, it was him who self-actualized on finding a project manager. And now I can't imagine life without Kawa helping us out. I'm able to request what I need and see it come to life through the pipelines we've created in ways that're more satisfying and sustainable than they were even just a few months ago. Yet we're still small enough of a team and the work is manageable enough to where there's still infinite room for rogue ideas and randomness. Every ounce of the project is still able to feel personalized on a larger scale thanks to the management, and that makes me look around and just love our staff more everyday.

It feels so fucking weird to call people 'staff'. Though I guess that's the word? I'd say friends but like, I'd take a bullet for my friends. But these guys, I mean I like em a lot, but I wouldn't take a bullet for em.

Honestly though if a barrel was pointed at me, I'm not even sure I'd take a bullet for my friends. I feel like human reaction would be to chicken out. I mean like, I'm skin n bones from drawin all day, the bullet would pass through me anyway. I guess I could slow it down? I mean I guess it really depends on the thickness of the friend....

But hey, just because I wouldn't take a 12 gauge to the brain doesn't mean these dudes aren't the dopest fucks in the world. Everyone here is chill, real recognizes real.

Anway... Catch you next time! -Phantom

Oh also

Breath of the Wild is fucking amazing, it's the ultimate after-work game. There's so much shit to do in it that while you could play it all day, it just makes for such a great unwind after a long ass day. My contrarian ass clowned on it when it came out since it looked mid, and people were gassing it so hard. People saying it was better than Ocarina drove me insane, but I've learned the error of my hater ways.

People always bitched about no-dungeons, but like... even though it sounds like a cop out, the overworld really is the dungeon... It just doesn't feel that way since there's billions of solutions to every issue you can face. People also bitch about weapon degradation, but that too I've found makes it so you use a HUGE variety of weapons, so combat ends up feeling super varied. Plus it plays into the scavenging / survival aspect where you're constantly trying to live off the land.

The combat too, holy fuck. The game essentially have WITCH TIME in it??? WHat the fuck? No one told me that!!!! And the game has contextual dialogue?? Like, if you discover a village at night, they'll acknowledge you're new + it's night. People even react to if you're carrying certain shit or not.... it's fucking awesome.

blog fixings

by ninja_muffin

last night (as of may 24th) i was trying to fix up and create a few new features for our funkin blog bot. Unfortunately that sucked up my night, and I ended up falling asleep on the newgrounds office couch for a few hours until we all went home at 6AM.... I will keep banging my head onto the wall.... also yesterday I fixed the lights in the conference room.... pico shines bright once again...


by ninja_muffin

a few days ago, me and dave met with our boy COBY who is handling the fulfillment for us for our kickstarter PINS and POSTERS tiers!!! We already seen the posters print final... and now he came by the Newgrounds Office to show us and give us a big bag of finished samples of the PINS!!!! They look and feel pretty damn perfect... so with the finals in his hands, it should all be out the door and begin shipping in a week or two!!! People are finally getting their pins!!!

Very soon we also want to have our kickstarter shirts begin manufacturing and all that, will keep you all updated!!!

Fanart of teh Week - HighwayBlues

by Phantom Arcade

image Fanart pick of the week, for me, gotta be HighwayBlues

Chillin with pals is what's up, any piece that shows off the characters hangin out as though it's just every day as usual, that's a fav.

Plus, HighwayBlues has been chillin out on NG pretty consistently since '21, ya love to see a familiar face.

We're always peepin' through art on NG, so if you're postin, especially with tags... we'll prob see it!

closing thots fo week

by ninja_muffin

here's another lil blog for the week.... sorry about the delay!!! But keep in mind that when we miss blog posts.... it's usually out of being crazy busy with other things!!! Rather than us being lazy!!! Keep in mind that other companies often have people dedicated to social media... blog postings... sharing fanarts... all of that!!! On top of the work we do we try our best to keep up with a Funkin' blog!!! I don't wanna feel like a cuck and apologize over blog all the time though, we know that we are workin' !!! And that the blog is fun!!! Anyways I'm still in Philly for another week, and I'm looking to FINALLY finish up the lil part of the project that I've been on and off working on since 2021.... things are going nicely...!!!!