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WEEK OF 2023/09/18 - FunkCoin

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funkin blog fo the week... . big announcement... FunkCoin. Yep you heard right. FunkCoin. Web3 is looking more... awesome!!

just joking, this week is just a week of Friday Night Funkin' development team blog posts!!! Mostly me this week derp! I need to get more people from crew to cook on blogs of where their brains are at.... this week we have Sunni who wrote her first blog post for us woohoo!!

Funkin' Spirit

by Sunni

Since it’s my first time posting to the blog, I figured I should write up a little intro for myself. Hello! I’m Sunni and I’m ½ of Windflower Games, a game development and publishing consultancy. I work with the Funkin’ Crew in areas such as production, biz dev, and general operations. Cam likes to refer to me as an “industry veteran”, which I guess means I’ve accumulated a bunch of valuable knowledge over the years that I am now able to provide advice and perspective to help the Funkin’ Crew steer the ship in sustainable and smart ways.

I must be doing all right by them because the Funkin’ Crew invited me to the Toronto on-site work trip a few weeks back. We not only got a lot done there, but we also learned more about how to work together and enjoyed fun shenanigans, too. Hopefully the success of this trip means more to come in the future. ^_^

A lot has been said about this trip already, so I’ll shine a spotlight on one of the less obvious aspects: the important task of decorating our shared work space.

Leading up the event, we were scrambling a bit to make sure a conveniently located coworking office was booked for our trip that didn’t cost a bajillion dollars. We were able to snag one just in time and it was the kind of modest and blah space you might expect from a room that didn’t cost a bajillion dollars. To be clear, functionally it was completely fine but it was missing some flavor, especially as a space for us to be working together in person for the first time.

So, thanks to ingenious use of the coworking space printer, we got to work infusing the space with the proper Funkin’ spirit: fresh fan art and Dave’s Very Nifty and Professional presentation deck went up on the walls to inspire and remind us of why we were there. Our “office” may have been temporary but it felt better once we put in some effort to make it our own.


Can’t share most of the wall decorations, unfortunately, since it’s full of secret stuff, so instead here’s a photo of whiteboard jokes.

The decorating wasn’t a big deal. It was just something that naturally fell into place. Of all the events of that week, of which there were many, this is one of those easygoing memories that manages to stick out in my mind more than most. Maybe because day-to-day thoughts and actions have a way of revealing more than grand gestures. So after spending a week working together in person, here’s what I’ve learned about how the Funkin’ Crew rolls:

  1. The details matter a lot.
  2. They put a great deal of care into their work
  3. They care about the people they work with.

And that’s pretty darn impressive, from this industry veteran’s perspective

fanart of week - HeyIce

by ninja_muffin99

this week is a bit of a self indulgent pick... it's BF and GF and RITZ!!! from newgrounds game... RITZ

Ritz is a game I made at the beginning of 2020, the same year that we first made FNF! I did programming, and Kawaisprite did the music for it, it was the first project me and him worked on together! So the light headcanon is that Ritz is BF's brother since me and Isaac are his fathers lol. It's very self indulgent to share dis art... but also.... the artwork is very good and cute!!! MKMaffo (artist / Ritz' mama) was also working on Ritz mod WAAAAAAAAAAAAY back in 2020... before Funkin' modding was crazy!!! I used her sprites as fake leaks and whatnot for laughs and lols, so also shoutouts and lov to maf

I especially like Ritz hiding away when bf/gf are kissing... that bit is awesome...

gf meets bf's brother by HeyIce


go to HeyIce's newgrounds page NOW!!!!

lil tease

by ninja_muffin99

I'll debrief a smidge about some stuff we r close to wrapping up on without spoils

over past few months we've had some coding assistance with some very particular and specific visual work, and this week we are aiming to put a nice little bow on it!!! The person working on it, I stumbled across their work online, and found their stuff to be VERY impressive! Turns out, the super cool impressive work they did was made in Haxe! I ended up contacting them, and they were down to work with us on this lil venture! To give a smidge of specifics about their credentials, they are studying for some PhD level work, so you can be assured that the work they put into FNF is VERY delicious and tasty and awesome. Past few months has been on and off with them, as they balance their studies and other things, as well as learning their way around how certain things in HaxeFlixel work. What they worked on is something me and Dave wanted in the game since 2021... and damn does it feel good to finally see it in action, working and looking not just how we imagined it, but exceeding our expectations with it!! We are a noticable chunk closer to having our brains put into video game form and things. It's been very nice and pleasant to work with them, and hoping the next batch of work we toss at them can be implemented even faster with what they now know about haxeflixel!!! thats all I will tease for now about it, hopefully the vague details are enough to satiate and let people know that certain things we are working on with funkin is in MORE than capable hands, I like to hope that me and dave have a good eye at scouting out and picking people to work with!!!

this work hopefully is very visually impressive, so we are keeping it under wraps until either closer to update, or until the update itself!!! bwah!

blog brain

by ninja_muffin99

we started the FUNKIN blog about 9 months ago, and I like to hope have our brains starting to get wrapped around the postings, where it succeeds, where it fails, so now I like to hope we are starting to brew with where it goes from here!

of course one of the main things is to have a general revamp of the FUNKIN.ME website! I wrote it all solo when it started, and maintainted it heavily in the beginning when resources were stretched very thin, as well I like to hope it helped get me out of a work slump, where along with the weekly meetings we have, I also had a PURE weekly duty that I could reasonably achieve each week or so. NOW we have more resources to stretch, more people helping us with admin work, devops type work, etc. So we've been slowly brewing on how to go about SITE IMPROVEMENTS. Nothing concrete set in stone just yet, but ideas are cooking again with it all, to hopefully make it something that everyone keeps an eye on each and every damn time we post! that is all

outro text

by ninja_muffin99

another cute lil postings of blogs! I believe the last blog posting was about 2 weeks ago, and I feel that's definitely a muuuch easier distance of time to handle and do blog postings! I do generally handle most of the blog stuff on the day that it's due, rather than slowly build and accumulate blogs over the week, so it's same sorta saturation of work in the day, I suppose it not being on a hard week-by-week schedule is nice, nice to have a break week to have PURE focus on week of work rather than blog posting day, and lets people settle down to write if wanted/needed!

We will see how we feel in two weeks though, lol!