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WEEK OF 2024/03/03 - another lil funkblog

6 minute read - Published on: 2024/03/03

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Hello there everyone can you believe it! another effin funkin blog post!!! a bit of a shorter one, mainly aiming to post to keep our own internal consistency with writings bwah!!!

To quickly go over past week or so of work, we have been working on gameplay implementation stuffsies and funzies! it has been satisfying work to see progress get made in this particular sector since it's easy to notice differences in what has gotten done. We can nicely look at a list of things and go through testing and see with our own damn eyes on iteration happening in real time! Anyways that's just my cute lil anecdote about past week of work... onto da WRITINGS!!

Chart Editor - Back It Up!

by Eric

The feedback on last week's blog post has been absolutely wonderful. I'm sure a lot of you are excited to try it for yourselves, but please be patient.

My main task for this week was... whoopsie! That's classified! That happens a lot, but unlike the last five months where I therefore would have nothing to say and therefore nothing to contribute to the blog, I can instead use the chart editor as an endless source of little discussion topics!


Hey wait, I showed you this image last week! However, I was being cheeky, and didn't talk much about what this feature actually does for you!

The chart editor will regularly make auto-saves of your work! It does this if the chart has been changed since you last saved it, and either:

You've gone 5 minutes without saving. You just playtested the chart. You just quit the chart editor (or closed the game) without saving. Your game just crashed (yes, we can detect that now).

Your backups go into a folder next to Funkin.exe, and you can open up that folder and load your charts from there! Plus, if the backup was made because your game died, it will nag you next time you open up the Chart Editor, just in case you didn't know the backups were there!

I'll have more blogs queued up for the future, so see you later!

kickstarter status updatesies

by ninja_muffin

allo there ninji mofin here with lil status update of how the reward fulfillment has been going!

As a reminder, we have a few different distributors for our rewards, so some of them are sent in different batches of sorts! I will cover each reward "distributor"

Pins and Posters


If you backed, and you got a poster without a pin in your rewards, you SHOULD have a poster in your hands!!! We have shipped 99% of all solo poster rewards (people who pledged for a poster, without getting a pin of any kind)

Pins (and rest of posters)

If you got pins of any kind, the good news is that the finalized manufactured pins have ARRIVED in USA, and are being shipped VERY very soon, likely within the next few weeks is when people are likely to get their pin rewards! As mentioned, if you have a poster AND pins, you should get that as well with your pins!

Physical OST (CDs, cassettes, vinyl)

Physical OST stuff has been shipping over the past while, and we are in the home stretch of all of those too! I believe Needlejuice has a couple thousand orders left to ship, which may seem like a lot left... but that's a couple thousand left out of over 10,000 orders I believe! (Don't quote me on that 10,000 number exactly however, just going off some messages I've scoured through. )

So with the physical OST stuff it's just a matter of time until you will likely have your order arrive to you!


We have been slowly working through crazy contract and document work with t-shirt manufacturer people, and that is likely going to be wrapped soon and then the manufacturing process can BEGIN for the shirts!

Along with that as lil FYI, people who have T-Shirt as a TIER have NOT gotten a survey yet! In case you are in that section of people, we of course haven't forgotten about you! And survey of course will be sent out once we are close to fulfillment / shipping!

General reminder that for stuff like changing addresses, or changing "name to appear in credits", you can sign into our homemade little backend for managing Kickstarter backers!

As we are getting close to having everything shipped:tm: of course there have been orders that have slipped through the cracks. Often caused from inaccurate addresses for shipments, return to sender shipments, etc. there are people who haven't gotten some of their stuff, when they should have!

All this preamble is just to say that if you have issues with orders of any kind, you can email and we will aim to get you all sorted out and help you with anything related to Kickstarter rewards that either have fallen through the cracks for one reason or another, along with any issues you may have with accessing or logging into our backend portal system!

outro for the week

Last week eric wrote the intro and outros, and this week... it's me ninjamuffin! In the time since I first spun up the funkin blog (about a year ago!) to now, I've gotten much more wise with website related things! I've learned a lot! I notice things I could have cooked up better, and things that need some spring cleaning with our blog posting process! Our little discord bot we use for blog posting needs little update with new github keys or something like that... trolled again... We are always hopeful to be able to put out and write cute little blogs though, don't think lack of blogs are because we don't want to share what we are up to. In any case I do want to thank Eric for helping blow the dust off our blog and giving us a fresh start for the year, and also pushing me towards writing all this up today! On a damn Saturday!! the day off!!! There's been many advancements in how we work and all that which have become natural to our way of life and workflow, so we might not think of those things as even blog worthy! As the weeks go on hopefully we can get some fresh writings done by people you haven't heard from who have been working with us for a while now! If you are reading this miki... that means you!