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Github actions/issues blog posting

2 minute read - Published on: 2023/01/11

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This is a test for blog post issues! In fact... I will write the whole idea of the WORKFLOW here.

The idea right now is to sorta use Github issues as "drafts" of sorts for the blog posting. Github has a decent little markdown text editor, which would play pretty damn nicely with the static site generator!

SO the idea is that issues can be used to write little blog posts, and then every Friday or so, all the issues that get "closed" by the OP by the end of the week will be included in a roundup of sorts! I prefer a weekly roundup than like... big stream of info? I think it's refreshing to be able to expect something nice at the end of the week heheh

The workflow will include a few cute little Github actions, one on our little blog-queue repo, which will just be a buncho issues really, I think the Github action I'll put in the funkBlog repo, so that people have access to what that looks like :)

For anyone reading this and wondering about similar implementation, just know that this other repo we have truly is just a buncho issues only!

I want to get it setup this way, less so for GITHUB use, and moreso to have integration with a DISCORD bot. The next step is making a small discord bot, so that even dummies like PhantomArcade can write and post small little snippets and ideas for blog writeups!

So far so good!

Here are a few tests...


this should be BOLD

and this one is italic!

fuck it, code